SEO Trends in 2015

They new year has just begun and 2014 is behind us. Last year was a very exciting year for SEO with lots of Google updates. Allot of web sites climbed in their rankings while a few web sites were hit hard by the Panda and Penguin updates.

So what will this year bring for us in terms of SEO? Will we need to apply a completely different strategy or will we only need to make small changes in what we are already doing?

Here are our advice and predictions for a successful SEO strategy in 2015.

1. Link Building

Googles policies on link building practices have become more and more stricter over the last few years in their fight to combat web spam. Many companies who hired unprofessional SEO firms were hit hard by the last Google update and some were even dropped from the first page of Google.

The good news is that link building is still very much important in your overall SEO strategy. However one has to be very causes today when building links. They key for 2015 is to keep a close eye on your link building and analyze it as much as possible to avoid low quality and spammy links.

2. Less focus on keywords and rankings

Google’s encryption of keyword search data was an indicator of what is to come in the near future. As information consumption fragments across platforms, channels, devices, and applications, search engine optimization will likely lose even more of its touch with keywords and rankings. CMOs can prepare by starting to think of search optimization as increasing brand visibility across a multitude of properties, expanding presence to each and every corner of the digital space where prospects and customers can be found.

3. Mobile Search Optimization

2014 was a monumental year in marketing as mobile Internet use finally surpassed desktop Internet use. This event marked a fundamental change in consumer behavior that divulged major implications on search and search engine optimization.

Mobile search algorithms call for different best practices than those of desktop search algorithms, so it will be crucial for SEOs to understand the mobile search landscape in order to guide marketing spend accordingly. The ability for a brand to quickly and effectively deliver high-quality mobile experiences for consumers will certainly provide a competitive advantage.

4. Fragmentation of search across platforms, devices, and channels

Not only are search queries fragmenting into long-tail keywords, they are fragmenting across a variety of platforms and channels. Online service providers, mobile devices, and software applications are building internal search functionality to better serve their own audiences–and this means search volume is being taken away from engines on Web browsers.

In 2015, SEOs will have to shift greater focus to optimizing brand presence for search across platforms like Amazon, Wikipedia, Yelp, and mobile applications–not just Google.

5. Merging of thought leadership and social engagement

Thought leadership has been a hot term in recent years as many brands have aggressively pursued content marketing strategies with the intent of positioning themselves as experts in their respective online communities. As some thought leadership campaigns have fallen flat, light has been shed on the path to search visibility growth through off-site signals, an integral part of an organic strategy.

On its own, thought leadership content without social engagement from relevant audiences is not enough to drive sustainable success in search. The two must go hand-in-hand.

6. Increasing importance of long-tail search traffic

One- and two-word key phrases are costly to rank for and often don’t covert well. In contrast, long-tail keyword queries tend to be more relevant and convert at higher rates as a result of greater specificity, and ultimately, purchase intent. Brands that can wield the power and influence of long-tail queries will see the needle move in 2015.

A study from 2012 suggests that 16% to 20% of daily keyword queries had never been seen before. The stage is set for these figures to increase, especially as mobile devices roll out applications for vocal search queries and the engines become increasingly more adept at understanding long-tail intent. While taking advantage of long-tail search traffic can take significant time, it’s a promising direction that can yield results in the long run.

7. Changing display of search results

As Google strives toward becoming a destination, we can expect to see more in-stream answers to queries like those for sports scores, weather information, and retailers. Google’s Knowledge Graph and Carousel features are fundamentally changing the way consumers view and interact with search results. CMOs must be conscious of how their brands appear online in the search space as Google transforms from an information engine into a knowledge engine.

8.Increasing need for personalization

As search functionality become more sophisticated, consumers will be exposed to higher levels of personalization. Each person may see different results for the same query depending on local, psychographic, and demographic data gathered from previous engagements. Conversions will go to the brands that are prepared to deliver a higher level of personalization to customers across all search platforms. A brand’s visibility may ultimately depend on its ability to become the most prominent content marketer in its digital space.

We believe that organic search will still be the major force that drives traffic to your business in 2015.





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