Factors that influence SEO

So you have heard about SEO and what it can do for your website, but what exactly influences your SEO? There are mainly 3 factors that play a role in your SEO strategy.

  • On page optimisation
  • Of page optimization
  • Penalties

Each of these main groups consist of individual factors with different weights of importance which influence your SEO.

SEO Factors Work in Combination

There is not one single thing that you can do that will guarantee top rankings for your website. A big H1 title alone wont help if you have website with low quality content. If you really want your website to succeed then you need a combination of positive factors in your SEO strategy. Vast amount of back links wont help unless they are of good quality.

On Page Ranking Factors

On page ranking factors are completely in the authors control. What type of content do you have on your website? Do you make proper use of meta tags to tell search engines what is relevant on your site? Can search engines crawl your website quickly and effectively?

Of Page Ranking Factors

Of page factors are those that authors do not have direct control over. Search engines have realized that it is not enough to just rely on authors attempts to make them self’s seem more relevant. In the past website publishers manipulated websites in order to make them self’s more relevant that what they are in reality. This is why search engines need more signals to determine how relevant a website is.

SEO Ranking Penalties

Search engines want website owners to perform SEO techniques and even gives us guidelines as to what they consider best SEO practices. Unfortunately their are people who practices techniques which search engines regard as spam or black hat techniques. These techniques can cause your website to be penalized or worse, get banned completely.