Combine SEO and PPC for the best results

Many business owners who want to market their business online have heard of the tremendous benefits of making use of SEO services ( search engine optimization) or PPC  services (Pay Per Click).

Each of these online marketing tools can give you very favorable results wen managed properly, but few know that you can achieve even more favorable results by combining the two. By combining both SEO and PPC in an integrated online marketing strategy you can maximize each ones strengths and minimize each ones weaknesses. The result gives you a very powerful online marketing trgy that will deliver you greater exposure and faster ROI (Return on investment).

1. Dominate organic and paid search

By combining SEO and PPC you will be able to dominate both organic and paid search results. The same keywords that are profitable for PPC can also be used for SEO.

2. Improve CTR (click through rates)

A PPC campaign in combination with SEO will help you to create more compelling content which will be beneficial for both your search ranking and PPC click through rates.

3. Increase your conversion rates

When a potential customer sees your PPC along with your organic search result the chances that they will covert into paying customer increase tremendously.

4. Find the best keywords

PPC is a great tool that gives you measurable results and tells you exactly which keywords and ad copy is the best combination. Once you know which ad copy and keyword combinations gets the best results you can apply them to your SEO strategy as well.

5. Get Maximum exposure

When your business get displayed in both the top PPC spot and organic search results you are essentially pushing one of your competitors of the first page of Google. This will significantly increase your brand awareness and give you maximum exposure.

6. Establish a strong online presence

When you integrate SEO with PPC you establish a strong online presence. By dominating the top search results you will help protect your online reputation.

7. Optimize your spending

Integrating your SEO and PPC efforts can help you maximize the efficacy of your marketing efforts and optimize the spending you need to do to finance your campaigns. With a combined marketing approach, you can make adjustments to your expenses accordingly and allocate resources according to the insights you gain from your campaigns.

8. Improve each tool independently

Insights you get from an integrated SEO and PPC can teach you how to improve each of these digital marketing tools independently. Organic testing of keywords and content will take a long time. Using PPC campaigns to test the efficacy of keywords can improve your content as well as your meta titles and description tags, drawing in more organic traffic from natural search results. This will in turn create a big impact on your quality scores. This translates to greater savings in terms of lesser cost per click, as well as better ad positions for an improved overall PPC performance.

9. Provide in depth market analysis

With an integrated SEO and PPC approach to marketing, you’ll get better insights and analysis of your targeted market. PPC advertising is great for testing and getting immediate feedback from your targeted market. SEO on the other hand provides a more in-depth analysis of consumer behavior based on long-term traffic, giving you greater insights on other consumer metrics you wouldn’t gain from short-term PPC results. Combining both knowledge gives you a deeper understanding of your targeted market – prepping your business up for eventual domination.

10. Boost Ecommerce sales

Many businesses are taking the e-Commerce route towards online success. Even enterprises with more specialized core products and service offerings incorporate e-commerce elements into their online presence to create better brand awareness or boost supplemental sales. Whatever business model it may be, combining PPC with SEO will definitely boost your e-commerce performance. An integrated approach is geared towards attracting highly targeted traffic from both natural and paid channels – essential traffic that according to a MarketLive study will boost site revenues by up to 44%.