Penquin 3.0 Update: What you should know!

Google is have been on a war path lately to combat spam on the internet in order to give their users a better experience. On the 10th of October Google announced the new launch on Search Engine Land, where it was named Google Penguin 3.0

As with the previous penguin updates only about 1% of search queries are expected to undergo a significant drop in ranking. Whenever a new update rolls out businesses should do everything they can to learn as much as they can about the new update so that they can adjust their marketing efforts if necessary. Here is what you should know!

Beware of Spammy Links

After being hit  very hard by previous updates many SEO’s put in hours of hard work to clean up their inbound links. Allot of business were disappointed when they did not see much increase in rankings after cleaning up their inbound links. Their are many preliminary reports that the latest penguin update acknowledged the hard work of SEO’s. If you have noticed that your web site have dropped in rankings then you still have some cleaning up to do.

A Global Rollout

According to sources the latest penguin update will effect all Google users world wide. However instead of being a major update Google’s Pierre Far told Search Engine Land it was more of a “refresh.” This means that Google merely updated its alogorythms to release sites that have cleaned up their links and demote sites that still have bad links.

Future Major Update Predicted

Because the latest update was more of a refresh than an update, experts are saying it should rather be called Penquin 2.2 leaving room for a possible future major update.

Web sites that are on top of their game have likely nothing to worry about, especially web sites that focus on good quality content and that have abandoned black hat SEO techniques like keyword stuffing. Web site that are still seeing an impact should analyze their back link profile to identify which out side sites are linking to them. If by contacting the out side source does not work you can use Google’s disavow tool to remove bad links to your site.

At the end of the day all the hours spent on cleaning up bad back links will be well worth it.