Pay Per Click Outsourcing VS In-House

The internet marketing industry has been growing at a very rapid pace, so rapid in fact that it has doubled in size in just a few short years. Experts predict that paid advertising will exceed print advertising for the first time ever this year. If you have never considered pay per click advertising before, then now is the perfect time to start.

Whether you are already making use of pay per click advertising or not, the biggest question for any business is should I manage my own advertising, or should I make use of an agency?

In this article we are going to have a look at three arguments for managing pay per click advertising in-house.

1. “We want to control all our messaging and networks to keep consistency.”

Businesses of any size that has spent a lot of time and money into branding their company in a specific way, want their brand to stay consistent across all advertising channels. Our managers at Web ROI take great care in funneling each ad, landing page and strategy through to our clients first. By doing this we ensure that all messages are accurate and if we find new opportunities we let our clients know immediately so that we can replicate those wins.  

2. “We just do not have the time”

Many businesses simply just do not have the time to find the right search traffic or to test and optimize the performance of their ads. Testing your ads is a time consuming process and includes keyword research, ad writing and ad split testing. Delegating such a task to a single person in your marketing department can easily backlog your own work or other marketing channels.

We are always in constant communication with our clients to keep them up to date with the latest information relevant to their industry and necessary for their account to succeed. Our clients can take comfort in the fact that all our account managers are pay per click gurus and Google Adwords Certified professionals. We submerge ourselves in to our client’s landscape and industry to the point of obsession. Each of our account managers regards new competitors as a challenge which they gladly accepted and overcome. With us your industry becomes our industry and we will manage your account as such.

3. “We can save money by doing it our self’s.”

Running a pay per click search marketing campaign will start costing you money from the very first click you receive. This means that if you setup and enable a campaign with the wrong keywords or even just a few wrong keywords, your campaign can soon cost you much more than what you initially budgeted for. In order to succeed in the paid advertising game you need a lot of experience which an in-house intern typically lacks.

Making use of an in-house intern COULD save you money, but one day that intern will be looking for a permanent job. That intern will leave if you cannot offer him / her that job. Take our monthly fee and multiply it by a year and then compare it to the amount you would need to spend to find and train a new intern. It most cases you will see that using an agency will be far more cost effective.

The biggest benefit of using an agency is that you have as many account managers as possible who are working on your account goals and strategies.