Importance of out bound links

We all know that link building is an important task of any SEO strategy and allot of SEO’s focus on getting more back links. There are many forms of link building like link wheeling, link bating, link farming and link triangles. However these are all links from other web sites that point back to your web site. The question that we want to ask today deals with out bound links.

So what exactly are out bound links and why are they important?

In simple terms out bound links are links on your web site that are linked to other web sites. Out bound links can help the search engines to understand the nature of your web site and also help to increase their trust in your web site.

What are the advantages of out bound links?

Out bounds links to web sites that are relevant to your industry are regarded by Google as related links. The more related links you have the more trust you gain with Google.

  • Create Related Links

When you create links to other blogs it does not mean that you have to link up with bad neighbors. The search engines take note of your out bound links when they index your web site so avoid linking to untrusted blogs and banned web sites

  • Avoid Link Farming

From the last Panda updates Google has started to take down and devalue private blog networks. When builind out bound links it is a good idea to avoid two way back links as this is regarded as spam by Google.

  • Don’t over optimize

Although building out bound links is good for your SEO to many out bound links can hurt your SEO. Make sure that your content is useful and build out bout links to authority sites like Wikipedia and Search Engine land.

  • Give & Take

A good practice in out bound link building is to give links as well as ask for links. This will improve the quality of the content on your page and bring you targeted visitors.

  • Who should you link to?

If you can not find blogs or web sites that deal with the same subject as you it is always a good idea to link complex words and phrases on your blog to dictionary sites or Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a very trust worthy site in the eys of Google. Always try to link to pages that are relevant to the content on your page and who ad value to your blog.