The new rules of SEO

For many SEO experts it is a cold new world out there. Those in the know will tell you that search engine optimization has seen a major overhaul over the last few years. The good old days of thin content, paid link building and over optimized website are finally over.

Today SEO strategy is all about giving the user relevant search results. This means creating relevant content, engaging on social networks and earning your back links through establishing your business.

So how does one do this? Let me introduce to you the inbound marketing triangle.


Awesome Relevant content

  • Build your content on the needs of your customers
  • Create information that is useful to your customers
  • Claim your authority through Google Authorship

Social Engagement

  • Interact with thought leaders
  • Post regularly and stay on topic
  • Host or attend online events

Clean Linking

  • Reach out to your suppliers and vendors
  • Participate in events and associations
  • Choose high quality and relevant guest bloggers

Implementing these techniques wont be easy, but nothing earned ever is. Through building awesome content, social engagement and clean link building you to can dominate the organic search engine world.