First Page of Google

Do you want to have your website on the first page of Google? Your website is a waste of time if the potential client cannot immediately find what he or she is looking for. Most people do not search beyond the first page of Google so if your website does not have first page results then potential customers will not find you. Your online presence has an enormous impact on your online marketing strategy. There are many case studies that have proven that web sites in the top five result receive the most amount of visitors. In fact it has become so important to rank on the first page of Google that it ca make a difference between the rise and fall of a company. Up to 93% percent of your customers first search online before making a decision to use your product or service.

Being ranked on the first page of Google will not only increase the amount of visitors to your web site but it will also instill more trust in your potential customers. This however is only half the battle, once a visitor clicks on your website they must be able to find the information that they are looking for and the information must be relevant to what they are looking for.

Compare your website with a shop full of merchandise. Your visitor came here for a purpose to get one specific product or service. He must find that product or service the easiest possible way without browsing several pages. The layout of your website as well as directing the client immediately to the CORRECT landing page goes a long way in getting the desired results. 

For optimal ROI the whole process must run seamlessly making it a simple process delivering the desired results for the potential customer in the shortest space of time.

First page of Google in Cape Town