Effects of Google authorship on SEO

Google Authorship allows writers to connect their Google profiles with their online content. This allows them to establish original ownership of the content. This is beneficial in several ways. Establishing ownership aids in situations where other writers attempt to steal your online work. It also significantly helps with SEO.

Google Authorship means when content is searched through a search engine, the result includes a “rich snippet.” These include a profile picture and are more visually attractive in the search results.

Google Authorship search results have a higher click through rate than other posts since Google argues it has more credibility. The more you do to build your Authorship ranking, the more your standings will improve in the Google search results.

Here are a few ways to build your Google Authorship Ranking.

1. Connect your website to Google+. Without taking this step, you won’t get the rich snippet on your search results.

2. Write guest posts. You need to be careful with guest posts because Google is cracking down on people who include irrelevant links. Also make sure you only contribute guest posts on quality, authoritative websites.

3. Be productive in social media. You often here the advice “be active on social media.” However, this isn’t exactly the best advice because not all activity is created equal. Being on social media everyday and posting irrelevant junk, forwards, and personal information is not being productive. You need to contribute positively to conversations and provide high quality information that other users find worthy of sharing.

Google authorship is not any kind of requirement for SEO currently. However, as Google continues to update their algorithms and “crack down” on what they consider spam and gives more value to Google Authorship, it may have a vital impact on your search visibility down the road.