Combine SEO and PPC fore best results

Combine SEO and PPC for the best results
Many business owners who want to market their business online have heard of the tremendous benefits of making use of SEO services ( search engine optimization) or PPC  services (Pay Per Click).

Each of these online marketing […]

SEO Factors

Factors that influence SEO
So you have heard about SEO and what it can do for your website, but what exactly influences your SEO? There are mainly 3 factors that play a role in your SEO strategy.

On page optimisation
Of page optimization

Each of these main […]

Importance of your website layout

Importance of your Website layout
Allot of small business owners tend to neglect the importance of a well designed website layout. It is very unfortunate that the most basic principles of web design are often overlooked. This is because the people who are putting […]

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