10 Ways to speed up your WordPress web site

WordPress is on of the most popular CMS platforms to develop web sites on. WordPress is very easy to maintain and very easy for new users to learn and use. However not every WordPress website has the same speed mechanism. The page loading time is very important as a slow web site will not attract many new customers.

Some WordPress web site load allot slower then others. If you want to give your users the best experience possible then you need to improve the speed of your web site.

So how can you improve the speed of your WordPress web site? We are going to share 10 quick steps that you can take to improve your web site’s speed.

Compress your site

You can make use of Gzip when working with your WordPress web site. By compressing your web site you can lower the size of your web site which in turn will decrease your bandwidth usage and increase your site loading speed.

Compress your images

Large images can greatly affect the speed of your web site. Always try to use compressed images to speed up loading of images on your site. There are also great plugins like WP Smushit that you can use to compress your images as you upload them.

Use Browser Caching

There are many excellent caching plugins for WordPress that you can install to speed up your site. Caching plugins can be tricky ti setup but once you get it right your web site will allot faster. A popular caching plugin you can use is W3 Total Cahe.

Data Base Clearing

A big data base is another factor that can influence the speed of your web site. WordPress by default saves allot of drafts and this can occupy allot of unwanted space in your data base. You can free up space by clearing unwanted drafts or you can use a plugin such as WP-Optimize to do this for you.


With plugins such as WP Fastest Cache and WP Super cache it is possible to minify your web sites pages, java script files and css files. This becomes necessary when you have to many css and java script files in your site. Minification will will combine all your css files in to file file which will significantly reduce your site loading speed.

Pingbacks & Trackbacks

Does your post link to other blogs? In that case WordPress might just send them an alert every time your post pings or tracks back to these other blogs. This can eat up a lot of your speed. In order to reduce it, you will need to reduce these alerts. Turn these alerts off by going to settings>discussions.

Specifications for Images

Sometimes a visitor browser tends to display your web page. But, without perfect instructions on the way the images should be set and dimensions settings, these browsers can take a longer while to display your web page. This can be harsh on your speed. So make sure you have set the image size and dimension while coding so that the speed is not affected.

CSS Sprites

A large image that integrates all the other small images is known as a sprite. This can be of considerable use if your website uses a lot of images. Using CSS sprites can reduce the impact of images on speed, and thus give out an incredible user experience as far as speed is concerned.

Use Keep Alive

Whenever the client requires downloading a file, they need to send permission to the server and this is where HTTP Keep Alive is most important. With this keep alive, the client can download multiple files at the same time without really impacting the speed of the website.

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